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A wet dream has the same effect as physical sexual stimulation. Only that he leads to orgasm without touching. Only through dream pictures, it comes to sleep in the ejaculation. This can be unsettling, but an ejaculation during sleep is neither a sign of a physical nor a mental illness but – on the contrary – that the body works perfectly. If you still want to control your wet dreams, you can get nightfall treatment in Delhi.

What is a wet dream?

Anyone who sleeps dreams at some point. And then, among other things, especially the areas in the brain are active, which are responsible for emotional feelings. Since sex and love are very emotionally charged topics, it sometimes happens that an erotic dream creeps into our night’s sleep. The body responds to this as if it were aroused in the waking state: the pulse rises, the breathing gets faster. Although the trigger for the excitement is something imaginary. However, a wet dream often ends, as would real sexual intercourse or masturbation: in ejaculation.
According to studies, around 80 percent of men have an orgasm at night and at least 37 percent of women have an orgasm at night. A wet dream is not unusual and nothing to be ashamed of.

A wet dream does not have to be erotic

To cause an orgasm during sleep, a wet dream must have no concrete erotic content. Although 80 percent of those surveyed in studies indicate that their wet dream of a form of vaginal sex acted. Often, however, the sexual is transported only via symbols and images, without concrete erotic scenes.

Ejaculation while sleeping is not a male thing

Not only men have wet dreams. Even women and girls can experience erotic sensations during their sleep in the form of sexual dreams that lead to orgasm. However, as the female climax is less conspicuous and rarely associated with ejaculate, a wet dream is much less noticeable in women than in men and is often not even noticed.

Can a nocturnal ejaculation be prevented?

A wet dream runs subconsciously and therefore can not be controlled. However, there are certain factors that make ejaculation more likely or less likely during sleep. So a wet dream occurs more often when stressed. Few medicines and techniques, suggested by sexologist in Delhi, can help in this case.